Stand Up Pouches - Clear - Sample Pack


Try a sample of our home compostable stand up pouches. Each sample pack contains 3x Stand Up Pouches (Clear).

Our eco-friendly clear stand up pouches have been thoughtfully designed from innovative materials:

  • Constructed from two layers of certified AS5810 home compostable film
  • Made with a home compostable laminate adhesive
  • Have a high oxygen and moisture barrier
  • Proudly made in New Zealand
  • Made from sustainably grown eucalyptus trees and bio-laminates

Two Sample Sizes available: 3x
- 70g Pouch: H170mm x W110mm x 70mm gusset
- 100g Pouch: H190mm x W120mm x 80mm gusset

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Ready to delve in? Check out our wholesale pricing for stand up pouches here