Frequently Asked Questions

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Vacuum Seal Bags

Yes. Our vacuum seal bags are made with natural materials and have the following certifications:

  • AS5810 Home Compostable by ABA Australian Bioplastics Association 
  • OK HOME COMPOST, OK COMPOST HOME and OK Biodegradable Soil
  • Renewable Content - DIN CERTO, JBPA and USDA
  • Marine Biodegradable ASTM D6691-09
  • Industrial Compost Approved 
  • Anaerobic Digestion Approved ISO 15985

Yes! Our vacuum seal bags are certified Food Safe under EU10/2011 

Yes, our vacuum seal bags can be used on both home vacuum sealers and commercial chamber sealers. 

Our vacuum seal bags are made using plant-based materials from sustainably grown biomass. The bag is made by laminating layers of biofilm together to create a high moisture and oxygen barrier. 

Our home compostable vacuum seal bags are made here in New Zealand.

Of course! We can customise the our vacuum seal bags to suit your product, adjusting the size of the bag, the thickness of the film, or how the bags are supplied (roll or pre-cut).

Please note for custom work the MOQ is 10,000 units.

Yes! If you want to put your branding on your packaging or educate your customers on how to dispose of the materials properly, we can help. Our biofilm can be printed on using traditional ink, algae black ink and a range of other home compostable inks. 

We have a team of senior designed and artists in house to help customise your design, or we are happy to work with your current design. 

Please note for printing on the bag the MOQ is 10,000 units.

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